The SANATA CPD Committee is represented by all four professions. The committee supports members who are being audited by the HPCSA, and oversees the issuing of CPD certificates on behalf of SANATA in its function as an accreditor and an accredited service provider. The former means that SANATA can accredit trainings and short courses offered by Arts Therapists at a nominal fee for SANATA members. Being an accredited service provider, the CPD committee co-ordinates national bi-annual CPD events and continues to support the professions in their monthly peer-supervision events. All dates of these can be found on the SANATA calendar.

The CPD committee also engages in collaboration with other SANATA committees towards the growth and development of the Arts Therapies and the accessible sharing of knowledge with our colleagues and networks.

CPD or Continuing Professional Development is an HPCSA requirement for registered practitioners to refine, update and develop their knowledge and professional abilities. It is made up of Continuing Education Units or CEU’s of which you need 30 per year (made up of 25 CEU’s that are your choice of profession-relevant CPD activities, provided by an accredited service provider and 5 CEU’s pertaining to ethics).

You need to keep an up-to-date record of 2 years of CPD activity (60 CEU’s). This is represented by certificates that show specific CPD activities, accreditation numbers and number of CEU’s awarded. As of 2020, you also need to keep a log of these activities uploaded onto HPCSA’s online portal in order to qualify to renew annual registration.

CPD activities are divided into different levels. You are free to choose activities at any level to make up your annual CEU’s. In brief, level one includes a range of once-off or regular group activities without measurable outcome. Level two includes formal learning programmes offered by accredited training institutions, evaluated by an accredited assessor and with a measurable outcome. Also note that you may obtain your units within your own discipline or other relevant disciplines.