While the continent of Africa has a rich history of using the arts as healing practices, the formal professions of the Arts Therapies are relatively new in South Africa. Pioneers in the field returned from training at overseas universities with visions of bringing clinical skills and experiences back to a South Africa much in need of healing.


We envisage the arts therapies as vibrant, growing,
evidence-based and relevant professions in a
South African context.


To strengthen and develop the arts therapies through the facilitation of collaborative advocacy, lobbying, research and training; the provision of support, information, professional development and networking opportunities for members; the development of mutually beneficial relationships with international and local bodies.


To contribute towards the creation of an enabling regulatory
and operational environment for arts therapies.

To build and develop a responsive learning Association that provides
quality services to its members.

To remain informed about professional requirements of practice
and other legal and statutory regulations.